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The Sweet Life
by Chelsea Batten

Flowering meadows and fruit tree groves are alive this time of year with a sound that has been compared to everything from a marauding army to the pounding of ocean surf. Ancient Egyptians believed the sound signified a prosperous kingdom; to early Europeans, it echoed immortality; to writers from Shakespeare to Tolstoy, it was an audible metaphor for a perfect human society. I'm talking about the sound of honeybees.

What is it about wellness that feels so elusive?

We've read the books, tried the workouts, sipped the green-colored drinks, and yet, we still don't feel right about wellness. In this issue of Let's Gather, we don't redefine wellness; we demystify it through the stories of men, women, and families who discover wellness through unexpected means. Whether it's a bee-keeper's love of honey or a family's year without groceries, these stories remind us that true wellness is less about our education, and more about our willingness to explore.

How are you living out wellness in your life?

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